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I tell stories. I can come to your book-store, your synagogue, your woman’s group, your yoga class, your coffee house, your comedy club, story time, and I can talk and talk and tell you stories. I don’t bring the milk and cookies, but I do travel with all kinds of noshes–one has to have snackies for the road.  


I can devise a program suited to your venue–a yoga class and a writing workshop?  

A writing workshop for students or widows, for young adults or single dads?  A yoga-writing afternoon called kvetch and stretch. A grandchild/Bubby/Zayde afternoon of Yiddish Yoga, gentle stretches and lots of laughter. A moms only yoga class/kvetch session/ women’s issues workshop where we can vent and talk about the real anxieties in our lives–what keeps us up at night? How can keeping a journal, learning some basic yoga, help with these stresses?

LISA GRUNBERGER holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Religions from the University of Chicago Divinty School and teaches writing in the English Department at Temple University in Philadelphia. She has taught yoga for many years, and is also a published poet and performer.  

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or to inquire about yoga classes, contact:


Lisa Grunberger

(646) 369-2350


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