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Facing the Blank Page, Facing the Yoga Mat:

The Yoga of Writing


Women and Power

The main character in Yiddish Yoga is Ruthie, a Hip Warrior Bubby Extraordinaire. As a feminist, a Democratic activist, and all around smart woman, Ruthie allows me to talk about women reclaiming their lives at any age. Ruthie's life does not stop at 72 when she became widowed. Instead, she discovered yoga which proved to be healing, and goes on to complete a teacher training in the Catskills! This is a speech about what is possible for women when we don't allow prevailing norms of youth/thinness/material wealth to govern our lives.


Wellness and Health

As baby boomers age, everyone is preoccupied with how to remain vital into our later years. We are a nation obsessed with being young, feeling young, looking young and healthy. Not only am I a yoga teacher, but I wrote my doctoral dissertation on naturopathic medicine in the United States. This lecture is about the cult of perfection–perfect bodies–and how it’s an impediment to self-acceptance, especially for women.


Jewish Humor  

Yiddish Yoga is a humor book and it makes my day when I receive emails from readers who say they couldn't stop laughing. This speech can go in so many directions: How can we use humor and social satire as a force for social change? How did the Jews develop such a capacity to laugh and make jokes? What is humor? How did I, a poet/academic/yoga teacher, end up writing a humor book?


Grief and Bereavement

Yiddish Yoga has been used in grief and bereavement counseling, particularly Integrative Medicine Programs, to help people who have lost loved ones, cope and heal. Laughter is good medicine indeed. I have lost many people in my life, and in this lecture, I talk about the loss of my mother, father, grandmother, great aunt and uncle, among others, and how these losses have helped shape who I am and the writing of Yiddish Yoga. My mother's voice came to me prior to writing Yiddish Yoga: "For this you got a PhD? To stand on your head?"  


Talking to Your Big Toe (And Other Bodily Tales)    

This is a funny speech about connecting with your body in the most intimate of ways. Not being afraid to fart in yoga class, for instance. Letting go of old patterns; achieving creative breakthroughs in business, personal life, arts. I have taught this as a workshop to adults and children with amazing results!   It's about turning to our bodies in a fresh way and deeply listening to its language.

Lisa’s workshops will get you chai!  Her approach to yoga and to writing complement one another: both are practices of embodiment, which bridge body with mind, breath with movement.




Other Workshop & Public Speaking Topics

If the yoga mat is a metaphor for a page of life, we can learn to access different kinds of energy and wisdom from our hearts and guts. If we move a muscle, we can change an emotion. Once we get out of our minds and de-stress through some guided postures and breathing, we can access stories that need to be told. A writing workshop and yoga workshop combined – the best of both worlds!  



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Move through writer’s block towards writing by using yoga exercises

designed to free up mental and physical space.


Tell necessary stories from the heart/mind and have the opportunity

to work with these spontaneous writings in class.


Become familiar with classical writings in poetry, memoir and spirituality


Discover how Yoga principles of breath and synchronized movement may

be applied in liberating the writer’s blockages.



The Sunday, October 19th Facing the Blank Page Workshop is full.


NEXT WORKSHOP: Sunday, December 14th, 1 - 4 pm

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