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Lisa loves to teach and it shows! She cares about her students. She begins her yoga classes by connecting with each student: asking about their prior experience with yoga, about any injuries and if they have any needs or requests for the class that is to begin.


I have taken yoga classes with other instructors but it is simply not the same. Lisa creates a supportive, non-competitive environment where all students are invited to participate in their own yoga practice. Whether a beginner or an advanced student, Lisa explains all the poses in a clear and precise manner and she modifies all the poses to meet the needs of the student.


Before I was introduced to Lisa’s yoga classes, I thought yoga was all about headstands and complicated poses. Instead, Lisa taught me that yoga is truly about breathing and being at one with your own body; to challenge yourself but to do only that which you can do.


I have followed Lisa around the city just to take classes with her. Once you take a yoga class with Lisa, you will too!


Sandra Gonzales Torres,

Higher Education Administration and Educator




"For this you got a PhD -- to stand on your head!"

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"Lisa's classes strike the right tone: they are well-paced and challenging in thoughtful ways. Her knowledge of yoga and passion for practicing, along with her natural warmth and humor, make each class rejuvenating for body, mind and spirit."


Dr. Jill Hoffman, Yoga Instructor and Naturopathic Doctor



"I always feel better after a yoga class with Lisa. Her vinyasa class, which she begins with wise words of her own or others, flows beautifully, reinvigorating mind and body."


Edmund Weisberg, Medical editor/writer, University of Pennsylvania


"I do yoga because it helps me to live when I’m not writing. And to breathe when I’m not writing.

And to be a better mother, a better teacher, a better friend, a better lover."